Water An Essential to Country Living

Ok, so you finally made it, you are in the country. Life is grand, the night sky is clear, the biggest stars you’ve ever seen are bright enough that you can see your driveway and now you can relax, you finally did it. Now, you are excited because your friend popped by to help you hook up your washer and dryer that you couldn’t because it kept blowing a fuse and there was a leak in the line. So, you sit on the couch and contemplate tomorrow’s agenda. I’m going to get up, have a shower, have breakfast, do my dishes, do a load of laundry and enjoy the peace and quiet.  Well, life is always full of surprises. So, you turn your kitchen facet on after your husband, child and you had showers, and you ran the washing machine and nothing happens. There is no water running from the facet! Sand is now coming out of your kitchen tap, the toilet won’t flush and your water pump won’t stop running. Something tells you …”this can’t be good!” Now what do you do? Really…what do you do?


I haven’t the first clue what to do but my gut says turn off the water pump before it blows. Now, God has helped you get you where you are and you know He is going to help you with this too. God will make away when there seems to be no way. So, you get on your knees, and ask God for guidance. First I want to thank God for good friends.  We have friends who are more experienced in country living than we are. So I called our friend and told him what happened. The first thing he said was “turn off the water pump”.  So, my gut instinct was correct, the Lord gave me that knowledge even before I asked Him. God is good, because I had the slightest idea on what to do. This was one of the ways we knew that God is truly with us.


Our friends bless their hearts, headed over to help us out. Now unfortunately not all of you will have friends close by to help you out, but there will always be someone to call. Another great tool to use is the internet. For us that was not an option since we did not have the Internet hooked up yet. After prayer I would often ask the Lord to help me find info on what to do. Google and YouTube are great for information on almost anything.  Our friend informed us our well was low in water. It was basically dry, but the hose to the bottom of our dug well was not reaching the last tile of water, so we couldn’t get any into our lines. Basically all we could do was wait for it to fill back up. We found out during this experience that we have a very slow recovery time.


So now it’s a time thing, unfortunately we still cannot flush the toilet. It’s my first experience of the old saying “if is yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down”. I know, disgusting right? Yes, however you have to do what you have to do. This is where an outhouse would come in handy on your new property. So its winter, here’s a thought…. let’s bring in some snow and let it melt so we can flush the toilet. That’s a great idea in theory; however do you know how much snow you have to melt in order to fill your tank? A lot! We had some extra 4 L bottles of distilled water and believe it or not it took 4, 4L bottles just to flush the toilet one time!! That’s right, 1 time!! This is when we found out that it is necessary to have extra drinking water around for emergencies. Not only can we not flush our toilet, but we had no drinking water, no cooking water and no way to wash our hands. So, learn from our experience and always have extra water around for such occasions.


After the well water filled up enough for use, it was still unusable.  We needed to flush the lines and prime the pump. Prime the pump you ask. What exactly is priming the pump?! Thankfully our dear friend had experience with this too so he showed us what to do. Oh and bring a rain jacket and an umbrella because you will need it! Water was everywhere!! To prime the pump we used 12, 4 L bottles of water, a funnel and a patient man. After about an hour or more it was primed.  Then pump kept turning on and off and it should just stay off. Your pump should only turn on when you use water. In order to make that happen, our friend turned down the water pressure. Praise the Lord, we now have water! 


We now know we have a slow recovery, and we don’t want to run out of water until we get some decent precipitation. We have learned the value of water and rain. God brings us through these experiences to teach us valuable lessons. He also shows us the blessings we have been given in the little things we take for granted. We are now watching our water usage and are not wasteful as we patiently wait for a good water level to return.  I share this experience with you so you might know what to do in a similar situation.  Also, think about what are other options are available. Perhaps have an outhouse. How will you wash your clothes, maybe a wash board or a laundry mat. Gain info on your well level and recovery time upon purchase. Have a spare water pump around in case one breaks. Consider putting the water pump on solar in case you lose power. There are endless possibilities when living in the country, and endless experiences for learning. Trust me; you will be a diligent student! So go ahead, even if you are not in the country yet, start gathering information on these things. Google how to prime a pump, how to check water levels, check into pumps that might work for your needs, look into using solar for your well. Gain as much knowledge now before it happens, there is no harm in studying before the test!

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