Water Leak

About two months ago we had a water issue in which our well level was low. This month we had a water issue that we had too much water, where there should be no water. It was around 5am and my husband had gotten up to use the bathroom when he noticed water on the floor in our kitchen. Wondering where it came from he turned the light on and discovered the kitchen ceiling was dripping water on the floor. I believe it was around 7:30am when I got up to some noise and the lights on in our home. It was unusual for my husband to be up before I was so I had to go and investigate. I walk into our kitchen and there is a bucket on the floor, I look up and he has 3 tiles removed and a whole in our ceiling about the size of a dinner plate. He said he was going up into the attic to figure out what was going on.


We knew when we bought the house there was a leak problem on the other side of the house but the roof had been repaired prior to us buying it. We did not expect this side of the house to have any issues. However, we were now up for another trial. So I’m barley awake and my husband heads up to the attic and I am spotting him as he just had a hip replacement two months ago. He went up and could not figure out where the water was coming from. The roof wasn’t dripping down onto the ceiling tile, so it was coming from somewhere else. I knew from past experiences that resisting nervousness and getting worked up was in our best interest. So I went back into our room to pray and ask God for guidance and to help us have faith this will work out. As I went into our room our 5 year old stood there and said “mom, It’s ok God will fix it. God always fixes everything”. I am so thankful for those sweet words of encouragement. So we prayed. And our 5 year old prayed for daddy’s safety the whole time. I have confidence in God as I know God wants to answer the prayers of the little children.


After some minor adjustments the drip slowed down and we thought we would be ok as it was Sabbath and now it could wait until after sundown. So we continued on with our day, ready to head out for church and the drip started in two more places. So we got a pot out for the other leaks, these ones were dripping faster. My husband, baffled as to where the water was coming from, decided it might be time to check the roof. It’s the middle of winter, we have about 2 feet of snow on the roof and it was another mild sunny day. So I head out to make sure he is safe on the roof, our 5 year old inside praying for daddy’s safety and he started shoveling an area to see what the problem is. He found nothing. Before he came back down I went in to see the first spot that slowed down had started dripping again, this time like a tap. The other two leaks continued to drip and now a third one in another area started. Ok I could really feel the nervousness gaining control of me and I knew I needed prayer as I wanted to remain calm and trust the Lord. So I called a friend and asked her to pray and she said “let’s pray together” we had a short prayer on the phone, I felt more calm and she said she would continue to pray for my husband and the situation. She then said she would send her husband over with a roof rake to shovel the roof off. My husband wanted to decline his help because it was Sabbath.  We are very mindful not to break the Sabbath, but he insisted the help, as it was an emergency. He is a Sabbath keeper himself.  My husband is now off the roof and a small portion of the roof is shoveled. He came in to find out that inside our kitchen cupboard is wet and the leak started in yet a 5th spot. Our friend made it over and we showed him inside and outside and he insisted it was because we did not have a drip edge on our roof and a piece of fascia was missing. So we brainstormed what we could do and use, as it was Sabbath, and he thought of using plastic. So we looked and found some left over Vapor Barrier. Our friend and my husband used it as a fascia and a drip edge for now. After about 40 minutes it was complete using the Vapor Barrier, a putty knife and a staple gun. After this was complete we all came in and discovered that all of the leaks have stopped. Praise God! I immediately went into our room and thanked The Lord for stopping the leak. I thanked him for His comfort, protection and guidance and the knowledge given to us from our helpful friend. The leak has stopped. It’s been over a week now and no more issues. Since then my husband and  a friend’s son, and our neighbor has shoveled off the whole roof. The plastic is still holding up and doing its job! I’m still thankful to The Lord. I know the problem is not fixed and we still need to fix the problem correctly, once spring is here. We are thinking of a steel roof.  The only problem is the pitch of our roof is not very high so we may need to adjust the pitch. This will be another topic we will cover once spring arrives. We also need to make sure we have a drip edge and fascia all around and possibly gutters. So, for any of you who may have a low pitch roof or a lot of snow on your roof just sitting there it may be worth considering shoveling your roof before any potential leaks happen, especially if your home is older. This may also be something to consider when buying an older country home, what is the pitch of the roof like? Do you have gutters? Is fascia missing? Do you have a drip edge? These are things that should be taken care of before winter or wet seasons. In our experience don’t leave things that really should be dealt with sooner rather than later. The first year in your country home is really about learning and finding the things you may want to or need to change or fix.


The leak stopped around noon, and Praise God we could still enjoy some of the Sabbath. However, our dear friend that helped us with our leak went home to his own water situation. He had no water. You must be thinking…wow…what a Sabbath! Often times these trials fall upon the Sabbath. I don’t know why. Let us do everything we can during the week not to neglect the things that could cause any issues during the Sabbath hours.


Later that afternoon we drove to our friends place to deliver some water. We brought him some 4 L bottles of water, in which we always try to have on hand, some of which was for drinking and some for flushing his toilet. This was helpful to get them through the Sabbath hours. Then after Sabbath they could deal with the situation. It was a nice way to pay back the kindness he showed to us.  


I am thankful to God as we could still enjoy some of the day with our 5 year old, and watch a sermon that was a timely message. It was a sermon on fear. The speaker talked about how we often live in fear of everything around us and the importance of putting fear in its place. Often times fear runs our lives.  God can help us face our fears and help us with self-control. 1 John 4:17-18 say “Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world. There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love”. You see, prior to moving to the country I use to fear what would happen “if”, now through our many trials and experiences I know God is in control. When I let God take control of the situation I can remain calm. At one point during this leak situation I did feel a sense of fear starting, I quickly recognized it, prayed, our 5 year old blessed me with encouragement from the Lord and I called a friend to pray with me. Quickly the fear left of the situation and outcome left. It was a choice to allow God to take control before self takes control and fear takes over. This message was perfect for the Sabbath we had. In our daily trials and experiences, look for things to be thankful for. Recognize those moments of fear rising and self-control being lost. Remember to pray and allow God to have the Glory.

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