Pest’s A Part of Country Living

Well here it is, the subject we all want to avoid. Mice! That’s right, yucky, disgusting mice. Let’s face it, if you are moving to the country and building or buying an older home, you will probably have mice issues. So, what are some things you can do to prepare yourself for mice? Traps, lots of traps. Not the safe traps. It doesn’t matter how much your care about all creatures, these guys will not take the hint. You may choose to release them but they will not stay out. They will come back. So go out and buy a bunch of mice traps, not the cheap ones, the good solid catch and release kind. They are effective, 90% of the time they kill them first try and you don’t even need to touch the critters. It is just a click and dispose of them. The other 10% of the time, it gets messy.


Mice are a whole new thing for us. Ellen white actually speaks about exterminating these pests. Don’t let your soft nature get in the way. It won’t be long before you will realize exterminating is the only way to deal of them. Coming from the city we rarely had real mice issues. Thankfully our experienced, country living, friends gave us some great tips on how to mice proof our home. Walmart has some great plastic containers that fit in most silver wear drawers. They also have plastic containers for individual utensils, like spoon holders, fork holders, and knife holders that will fit well into those containers. Make sure that you purchase the ones with the snap lids though. We got the snapped lids and they worked great, except for when the snap wasn’t snapped shut properly. These little critters manage to get in the smallest of wholes and cracks. So make sure your containers have a good seal. If not you will find little presents in your Utensil  drawer.


Not only are drawers an issue but leaving food around on the counters, on dirty dishes, or bags and packages of foods. Anything they can chew through can become a retreat for these pests. So we also purchased containers to hold packaged food products they could chew through. Our friends also recommended a large barrel with a lid for those big bags of flour, rice or anything else that may be too large for a cupboard sized storage container. We haven’t had any issues with mice and our linen.  However I chose to use storage bins for my linen, just in case they desire soft warm place to make a nest.


I hope you have come to terms with that fact that mice may be your closest neighbor. I also hope that this information has helped you better prepare yourself on how to exterminate them, as well as prevent them becoming too comfortable in your country home. This information is not to scare you or discourage you in anyway, but rather to give you great tips that could make that transition to your new home much easier.

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