We all need heat during the winter months, but what happens when you heat by woodstove and you run out of wood? Well, that is exactly what happened! Often times it means spending one day a week cutting and splitting wood for a full day. It is always nice to have friends and family that […]

A Piece Of Land And A Comfortable Home Are Kings And Queens

So, I’m sure like myself, all of you had big dreams of moving to the country. Lots of acreage 10,20,30,50,100, a nice home, a small but suitable home, lots of privacy, a steam, flat land, lots of bush, a look out with a beautiful view, natural fruit trees and lots of maple trees for maple […]

Water Leak

About two months ago we had a water issue in which our well level was low. This month we had a water issue that we had too much water, where there should be no water. It was around 5am and my husband had gotten up to use the bathroom when he noticed water on the […]

Power Loss

Like being in the city there are few occasions when the power will go out. I have noticed a difference between a city power outage and a country power outage. For one, the power stays out much longer than in the city. The city tends to get power back on within an hour or two […]

Do you need a 4 wheel drive vehicle in the country? Here’s our experience.

We already owned a car but moving to the country we knew we needed a truck.  A second hand 4 wheel drive trucks seemed harder to come by in the city, we found a two wheel drive truck and got some really good mud and snow tires and figured this would make up for not […]

Pest’s A Part of Country Living

Well here it is, the subject we all want to avoid. Mice! That’s right, yucky, disgusting mice. Let’s face it, if you are moving to the country and building or buying an older home, you will probably have mice issues. So, what are some things you can do to prepare yourself for mice? Traps, lots […]

Water An Essential to Country Living

Ok, so you finally made it, you are in the country. Life is grand, the night sky is clear, the biggest stars you’ve ever seen are bright enough that you can see your driveway and now you can relax, you finally did it. Now, you are excited because your friend popped by to help you […]

Is A 4×4 Essential For Country Living?

Hey, so you’re thinking about buying a country home. You are on the right track! Country living has been a real blessing for my family and I. It is a journey worth taking! I want to share with you our personal experience to help you prepare for your big move!   A couple years prior […]

Audio-The Great Controversy