A Piece Of Land And A Comfortable Home Are Kings And Queens

So, I’m sure like myself, all of you had big dreams of moving to the country. Lots of acreage 10,20,30,50,100, a nice home, a small but suitable home, lots of privacy, a steam, flat land, lots of bush, a look out with a beautiful view, natural fruit trees and lots of maple trees for maple syrup. These things are definitely things to look for in your country home. However, reality is sometimes completely different. For instance, you may not be able to afford to have it all right away.  Maybe you can and nothing’s available, or you are limiting your geographical area to live. Reality is you may not get exactly what you are looking for. And that is ok. That does not mean you won’t have it. Please, do not get discourage. Have faith that God will provide what is best for you. If you are willing God can bless you with your hearts desires. However, as a lot of us know, sometimes there are lessons to learn along the way, before we get to the promised land. There is an encouraging quote from my favorite author which says “fathers and mothers who possess a piece of land and a comfortable home are kings and queens” (CL18.2)  All I know is that a step out of the city and into the country is a good step, and the first step.


The key factors to look for in a country home when you are on a tight budget is can you afford it? Is it doable? Whatever you do, do not live outside your financial ability just to have the dream. Next is privacy. Privacy is important. We do not want our neighbours knowing all of our business, nor do we need to know everyone else’s business. Again, you may not get the privacy you have been dreaming of right away. Search for the place with the most privacy though, and if there is none, create some privacy barriers. Look around; is there enough room to add privacy trees? The place that we have at the moment doesn’t have the best privacy, but it was the best privacy of all the other places we looked at. Another important factor to consider, is there enough room for a garden? You need to have the space for a garden. Everyone can agree, country living is not country living without having a garden. Many times country homes with good privacy and decently priced are a distance to a grocery store. So make sure you will have plenty of space, as well as good level ground, good soil, plenty of sunlight and no large rocks to suit your garden. You also want to make sure there is no marsh anywhere near or on your property. Having a marsh can cause some serious health problems. Look for a dry area, with good sunlight. Now our place is a lot damper then I’d like it to be and did not have a lot of sun but it does not have a marsh nearby. Sometimes we look at the potential of a home. For our home we have been cutting down some large trees from around our house, thus providing more sunlight, as well as drying up some of the ground. Things are not always black and white. When looking for your home, keep your mind open to possibilities and potentials as you give it your own personal touch. Another great factor to look for is the location.  Is it on a main road? I am a big fan of dirt roads! I love being off a main road. Look for something that’s on a road that’s not well traveled. This will ensure some privacy, will ensure more peace and quiet to your home, and creates a safe place for your children to play.


Whatever you do with your move, looking for a country home is best. Like I mentioned you may not get everything you are looking for the first time around, but I believe if we are faithful in all our doings, God will bless us. We were slow at moving to the country about 3 years ago and at that time things where cheaper and we may have had something closer to our expectation. However, looking back we would have had a much larger debt. I still have the faith that we may still get our dream home sometime in the future. I truly believe we are learning some vital knowledge in our current country home. I believe this place maybe a stepping stone. We are living within our means, we don’t have a big home, or a lot of money but God did follow through on His promise to get us out of the city. We are learning through first hand experience things that when God sees fit to move us, and provide a place with more acreage, we will be better prepared. This is not a bad thing. Perhaps it would have been overwhelming having a lot at once for us. We are thankful for our friends are more experience with country living. They live close by, they have a lot more acreage than we do and we are able to learn from them and with them. This is why together, we have created this website. We are two families that moved from the city, with not a lot of money, but we had a willing heart to do God’s will. We have a smaller property they have a larger property. We are able to share the experience of each place, what we like and what we would do differently. I know our goal is to be debt free which we can be in this home. Our next is to find land with lots of acreage and purchase that. We then can choose to sell this place or rent it out as we build our next place. Now Christ could come before this ever happens, but we are out in the country, gaining the experience and the blessings that come with that.  Remember the first step, is a step in the right direction!

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