Is A 4×4 Essential For Country Living?

Hey, so you’re thinking about buying a country home. You are on the right track! Country living has been a real blessing for my family and I. It is a journey worth taking! I want to share with you our personal experience to help you prepare for your big move!


A couple years prior to our move we invested in a reliable car that is great on fuel. We purchased a Toyota. We knew that purchasing a truck or SUV would come in handy, but we didn’t have it on our top priority list. We knew the car would be great for those long commutes to work and save us money on gas. Anyways I’m here to tell you it definitely IS on your priority list, and probably one of your first things you should invest in.


You will need the 4×4 truck for your move to the country, you will need it for your renovations and repairs because you just can’t get everything delivered out this far. You will need it for your weekly/monthly grocery run to town because it can be a full day event, even if you didn’t want it to be. You will need it for your garbage drop off, for those of you who don’t have garbage pickup. You’ll need it for a dump run, as you unpack and downsize or clean up your new home. You may also need it to put a plow on. You will need it if you have any animals and need to go to a vet or pick up feed. You will need it for those fruit trees you have been dying to purchase and plant.   You will need it for those bags of soil amendments, compost, peat moss and all your gardening needs. You will need it for picking up that snow blower, atv, solar panels, generator, gas cans, water pump, woodstove, and your new washing machine because your old one broke. You will need it for hulling wood, dragging those huge tree trunks out of the woods and clearing scrap and dead fall. You will need it for off roading when heading in to cut fire wood or help a neighbour out of a ditch. You will need it for the winter months that’s for sure!! As you can see the list is endless on what you can do with your new 4×4 truck.


Now you might think, if I only purchase the best winter tires I will be ok. That is exactly what we did. We have the best snow tires on our little Toyota but it will not help you when the snow is up to the top brim of your tires. And yes, that much can fall over night, and then those snow drifts, wow….those snow drifts!! So my advice to you if you are thinking of looking into a country home, start looking for a 4×4 truck/suv with great snow tires.  Don’t cheap out on a regular truck, and definitely do not buy a RWD!! If you buy a RWD truck you might as well save on the pocket book and buy a bicycle. A RWD truck is not going to get you any further once the snow hits, or those cold nights when the ground freezes, or down a gravel road on a sunny day. It has to be a 4×4. Buying one with a trailer hitch is not a bad idea either, because a trailer will come in handy for a lot of things.


Our friend has a GMC Yukon and I truly believe it is one of the most versatile vehicles. Is it a van? Is it a truck? Is it a suv?  Who knows, but it is great! Throw a hitch on that thing and all your needs are met! If you feel you don’t need something that big, my in-laws purchased a Toyota Highlander. It is another great buy, but it is much smaller. They still purchased a 4×4 of course, they purchased the best winter tires and bought one with a hitch and they love it! As for us, we are still saving to purchase our 4×4 vehicle.  We are looking to purchase ours this spring as this has been our first winter in the country. We are seriously considering buying the GMC Yukon as our 4×4 truck, for its versatility. I hope this article will help you in your decision to purchase a vehicle to suit your needs for country life.

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