Do you need a 4 wheel drive vehicle in the country? Here’s our experience.

We already owned a car but moving to the country we knew we needed a truck.  A second hand 4 wheel drive trucks seemed harder to come by in the city, we found a two wheel drive truck and got some really good mud and snow tires and figured this would make up for not having 4 wheel drive.  It was December, we packed up our truck and trailer and we were on our way.  I still remember how beautiful it was at our new home so much snow….Down our windy road it was covering the trees and everything was just picture perfect.

Our driveway is pretty much level, except around the back of the house to the basement door.  It’s not a huge hill but it was enough to get us stuck, I’m thankful for good neighbors who came and helped us out, but this was only the first time getting stuck in the driveway.  Come spring the slush and muck was too much for the truck even on the level ground of our driveway.  We finally got a 4 wheel vehicle and have tried never to be without one, since.  I believe if you are moving to the country this is an essential.  We can drive it around in the bush and to our fields to unload soil amendments, manure, etc., we use it to pick up and move our fire wood from the bush.

I would never say you should go out and buy a brand new 4×4 truck.  You can find a good used one on  Before you buy the vehicle take it to a garage and see what it needs for a safety, it doesn’t cost very much and it will save you any surprises and headaches.  A diesel truck can be a wonderful asset, but just remember in these wonderful Canadian winters you will have to plug it in when it’s cold, so a gas truck might be a better choice do your research and decide for yourself according to your own needs.  We have had both, but right now we own a gas GMC Yukon xl. It is used on the farm and at work.  It’s really like having a pick up with a cap on the back.  You can put a 4×8 sheet of plywood in with the seats out or put the seat back in and carry 8 or 9 passengers  It also has a towing capacity of 9700 lbs and you don’t have to licence it commercial, which means cheaper plates and no yearly safety in Ontario anyways.  If you’re light in the pedal, it gets pretty good gas mileage compared to smaller SUVs.

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